How to Replace a Caliper in a Toyota Corolla


When replacing a brake caliper in a Toyota Corolla, pay special attention to the pin bolts holding the caliper in place. The sliding pins may not stay in place during removal, and you may need to hold them in place. Check with your mechanic or another auto expert before performing major service on your Corolla or other cars.

Things You'll Need

  • Multiple various wrenches
  • Replacement Corolla caliper
  • Tire iron
  • Jack stand
  • Replacement fitting washers
  • Fresh brake fluid
  • Lift the car on the side you need to work on. Make sure the care is secure on the jack stand before proceeding. Remove the wheel.

  • Disconnect the brake hose by removing the fitting bolt at the caliper. Discard the washers that are with the bolt.

  • Remove the bolts connecting the caliper to the torque plate. You may need to hold the sliding pin in place while removing the bolts. The caliper should now lift up and slide off.

  • Install the replacement caliper. Connect the bolts loosely, then hold the pin in place with a wrench while tightening the bolts. Connect the brake hose to the caliper, using two new washers with the fitting bolt.

  • Fill the brake system with fresh fluid. Bleed the system of air by opening the bleeder valves and having another person press the brake pedal. Fill the reservoir to the correct level afterward.

  • Set and test the brakes after replacing the wheel and lowering the car. Pump the pedal repeatedly until the brakes feel firm, then road test them.

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