How to Replace a Caliper in a Chrysler Sebring


A luxury car like the Chrysler Sebring isn't worth much if important parts like the brakes don't work. When something like a brake caliper must be replaced on a Sebring or any vehicle, it's best to let a trained expert handle it. Consult with one before choosing to replace such a part yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench
  • Tire iron
  • Jack
  • Oil/fluid pan
  • Caliper for Sebring
  • Replacement fitting washers

Remove the Old Caliper

  • Press down on the brake pedal and hold it with a rod or other holding tool. This will isolate the master cylinder from the hydraulic system so the fluid won't completely drain out of the brake fluid reservoir.

  • Raise the vehicle on the jack and remove the tire and wheel for the caliper that needs replacing.

  • Remove the anti-rattle spring, which is located on the outboard side of the caliper and adapter.

  • Disconnect the brake hose from the caliper by removing the banjo bolt. Discard the two washers that are on the bolt.

  • Take off the two caps over the caliper guide pin bolts and remove the bolts. Remove the caliper from the adapter and brake rotor. The outboard shoe should stay with the adapter while the inboard shoe comes off with the caliper.

Install the New Caliper

  • Make sure the caliper piston is completely in the piston bore. A C-clamp should compress it in there.

  • Lubricate the caliper adapter abutments where the shoes slide together. Silicone grease should work.

  • Position the new caliper with its inboard shoe carefully over the brake rotor, outboard shoe and adapter and install it onto the adapter. Install the guide pin bolts, tighten them to 26 foot pounds and place the caps.

  • Attach the anti-rattle spring on the caliper's outboard side. Start the clip in the holes on the caliper and stretch the clip legs past the abutments on the adapter.

  • Reconnect the brake hose, using new fitting washers with the banjo bolt. Place one washer on each side of the hose fitting, slide the bolt through the fitting and thread the bolt into the port on the caliper's rear. Tighten the bolt to 26 foot pounds.

  • Install the tire and wheel, and torque the lug nuts to 100 foot pounds. Lower the vehicle and remove the tool holding the pedal.

  • Bleed the brake system. Open the bleeder valve, attach a transparent hose to the valve and have another person depress the pedal to remove air from the system.

Tips & Warnings

  • Test the vehicle and brakes on the road after installation. Pump the brake pedal until the brakes feel firm before doing this.

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