How to Replace the Wiper Blades on a Chevy Corvette


The Chevy Corvette is as American as apple pie. But no matter how nostalgic the emotions it stirs, the Chevy Corvette still needs to undergo regular maintenance. Here are some tips on how you can replace the wiper blades on a Chevy Corvette in just a few minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement wiper blades for Chevy Corvette
  • Open the hood to gain access to the windshield wipers. Unlike most other cars, the hood must be in the upright position when performing this service.

  • Raise the wiper arm so that it comes away from the windshield.

  • Push down on the "blade assembly pivot locking tab." The "blade assembly" is a term Chevy uses to refer to the entire configuration of the wiper arm. Locate the pivot locking tab and push down on it.

  • Pull down on the "blade assembly" simultaneously. There is a small hook in the wiper blade arm. By simultaneously pulling down as you press in the pivot locking tab, you will release the wiper blade.

  • Remove and discard the old blade by simply pulling it off the wiper arm. Once removed the wiper arm will look as if it has two "claws." These will be known as the "blade claws" in the following steps.

  • Slide the new wiper blade into the blade claws. Make sure that the "notch" found on the new wiper blade is slid in last.

  • Check to make sure the notches on the new wiper blade are not only properly aligned but fit into place on the blade claws.

  • Put the blade assembly pivot tab (the piece you pressed down on earlier) into the wiper arm hook. Continue to pull up on the wiper blade until the blade assembly pivot tab locks into place.

  • Rest the newly installed wiper blade gently back against the windshield of the Corvette.

  • Repeat this procedure on the other wiper blade to complete the replacement of your wiper blades on the Chevy Corvette.

Tips & Warnings

  • Chevy suggests that you clean or replace the wiper blade every 6 months. The wiper blade needs replacing when it looks as if it is dry rotting or it has warped and no longer properly clears water from your windshield.
  • Because of the sharp nature of the wiper arm, Chevy warns against the arm making contact with the glass after you've removed the old wiper blade and have yet to install the new one. They caution that any damage down by the naked wiper arm to your windshield will not be covered under warranty.

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