How to Deal with an Annoying Boss


Have you ever had a boss who comes up with answers to a problem five minutes after you proposed that same answer? Have you ever felt like you're repeating yourself just using different words. Have you ever had your boss look over your shoulder while you work, just to make sure it "gets done right the first time?" If these scenarios sound familiar, continue reading for suggestions on how to handle your overbearing boss.

Things You'll Need

  • Patience
  • Documentation
  • Meditation

If your boss tends to repeat himself multiple times each day, then you're probably frustrated and don't know how to respond. Typically, as the repeated information continues, the subordinate tends to shut down and give shorter or more curt answers. This makes the boss feel like you are not listening or that you do not care, causing yet another repeat of the same information. Try this: Tell your boss that you are aware of the issue and that you are working on it. If she continues to repeat that same problem, you might just have to ask him to stop repeating the request, and let him know that it would get done much more quickly if you didn't have to keep responding to the same questions.

Sometimes a boss will take credit for the work of her subordinates. We all know it happens, and have probably had it happen at least once. When situations like this occur, try the following: Request a meeting with your boss. When you discuss the ideas that were "stolen," address it more as a "disappointment" that you were not acknowledged for the work you've been doing on that particular project. If she does not acknowledge that she did anything wrong, just know for the future that you need to make your name synonymous with that idea or project -- e-mail your boss and copy a colleague or even your boss' boss so the claims cannot be one-sided.

Some people may want to reply, "Then do it yourself." That response will earn you a one-way ticket to the boss' least favorite person pile. Instead, ask your boss to write out in detail how he would like the project completed, then reassure him that you will follow those written requests. If you find him peeking over your shoulder repeatedly, find a reason to stand up -- a restroom break, stretching or even create a signal for your office partner to call you -- anything to get away for a minute and keep a grip on your sanity.

All too often we see our boss as someone who is not to be questioned or reasoned with, but sometimes we do not give our boss enough credit in that arena. It is surprising how frequently a boss may be receptive to the notion that she is overbearing. Try to have a one-on-one conversation with her and let her know how you feel about the pressure and continued badgering as you attempt to work. Explain that you will be able to churn out more quality work without constant interruptions and would like the opportunity to present drafts before receiving criticism. Although this approach may not work for all overbearing bosses, it might just work with yours.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be patient, and keep lines of communication open. Get everything in writing. Remember to breathe when your boss starts to stress you out.

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