How to Become a Cult Leader in The Sims 2


Why go to college and become something ordinary? Why not follow the little-tread path of the Paranormal? There are many strange sights and experiences to be had while working the way up the Paranormal ladder. Does your Sim have the paranoia and insomnia needed to become a Cult Leader?

Things You'll Need

  • The Sims 2
  • The Sims 2: University expansion
  • Make a new Sim. It helps to start a Sim in college and have them major in Paranormal studies, though it is not required. Knowledge Sims make the best Paranormal investigators. Many of the things one encounters in a Paranormal career are only of interest to Knowledge Sims. Most other Sims will be scared of seeing Werewolves, Ghosts, Vampires or any other strange phenomenon.

  • Practice that speech. Many Sims need to be charming and charismatic for their jobs. In the world of the Paranormal, having some diplomacy and personal skills makes all the difference when you're trying to press government agencies for information. Your Cult Leader in Training will need the full ten Charisma points in order to reach the top.

  • Make friends. Lots of friends. What's a cult with just a few members? In order to build a good secret society (or indeed any society) you will need lots of friends. To become a Cult Leader, your Sim will need no less than 13 friends. Snag anyone that comes by! The paper delivery girl, the postman, anyone! Get to know everyone. Use your golden tongue on them and you'll have a group of mindless followers before you know it. This will probably be the hardest part for your Knowledge/Paranormal Sim. Knowledge Sims tend to be a bit antisocial.

  • Learn the arts. Whether it's music, painting or writing, your Cult Leader will need to be highly creative indeed. Your Sim will need the full ten Creativity points to reach the top of the Paranormal ladder. Fortunately, Knowledge Sims love to do creative things.

  • Remember your domestic responsibilities. Cooking and Cleaning are both important for maintaining one's health. After all, how do you expect to survive once the aliens take over if you can't cook and keep yourself clean? Knowledge Sims tend to enjoy cooking anyway, so this shouldn't be much of a chore.

  • Get used to being a night owl. Each step of the Paranormal career involves going to work in the evening and coming home late at night or very early in the morning. Most Sims (like most people) take a little adjusting to get this schedule straight. Make sure you buy your Sim an alarm clock. They may need it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Give your Sim a few points in Cleanliness if you're starting a new Sim. This will help later on.

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