How to Get the Knights of the Round Materia in "Final Fantasy VII"


Knights of the Round is the ultimate summon magic materia in "Final Fantasy VII," locked away on a distant unmarked island unreachable by conventional vehicles. The Gold Chocobo, however, is anything but conventional. Obtained through selective breeding on the Chocobo ranch, this huge rideable bird can pass over pretty much any obstacle, including the oceans, mountains and forests rendering Round Island otherwise inaccessible. In order to get one, you'll have to invest some time catching, breeding and racing your Chocobos.

Breeds Needed

  • You'll need a few different breeds of Chocobo to breed a Gold one, and as such you'll have to unlock all the breeding stalls at the Chocobo ranch. You'll need to catch three specific types: a male and female each of "Good" or "Great" Chocobos and a "Wonderful" Chocobo of either gender. You'll also need to breed a Blue and Green Chocobo, one male and one female; it doesn't matter which color is which, so long as they can breed. You'll also need to breed a Black Chocobo, which must be the opposite gender of the Wonderful Chocobo.

Breeding Nuts Required

  • Chocobo breeding also requires specific nuts, which influence the results of the breeding. In order to breed a Gold Chocobo, you need to get at least three Carob Nuts and one Zeio Nut to ensure success. These numbers are based on getting each breeding to work successfully one time; multiple nuts may actually be required if some of the breeding sessions don't go according to plan. Carob Nuts can be obtained by traveling to Bone Village and getting into random encounters with monsters called Vlakrados; stealing from them will yield the nut. You can get Zeio nuts by heading to Goblin Island and stealing from Goblins.

Chocobo Racing

  • To guarantee the breeds you'll need, you have to win some Chocobo races at the Gold Saucer. To guarantee a successful breeding session, a minimum number of wins are required for the pair. You can get all the required wins on a single Chocobo in the breeding pair, or divide the wins between the two -- so long as the pair has the minimum number of wins between them, which bird has the wins doesn't matter. The Good or Great Chocobos need a total of four combined wins to guarantee a Blue or Green Chocobo. The Blue and Green Chocobos need a combined nine wins to guarantee a Black Chocobo, while the Black and Wonderful Chocobos need a combined 12 wins to guarantee a Gold Chocobo.

Breeding Sessions

  • To start with, you'll need to breed the Good/Great Chocobos with a Carob Nut, which will produce a Green or Blue Chocobo. Leave the ranch and fight three to 10 random encounters to allow the Chocobos to "rest," then save your game. Once the fights are over, have your Good/Great Chocobos breed once more; the resulting offspring must be opposite of the first Blue or Green. For example, if you first bred a male Green Chocobo, you need to breed a female Blue Chocobo. If the resulting offspring isn't what you need, reset the game and try again.

    Once you have a male and female Blue and Green, you'll need to fight between three and 18 random encounters to allow the newborn Chocobos enough time to mature. Then, breed them together using a Carob Nut to produce a Black Chocobo. If you've already caught a Wonderful Chocobo, then the Black Chocobo will need to be the opposite gender. If you haven't, you can go catch the gender you need, which may be easier than breeding the gender you need. Then you'll to fight between three and 18 random encounters to get your Black Chocobo ready for love.

    Breed the Black and Wonderful Chocobos using a Zeio nut. A Gold Chocobo should be guaranteed so long as there are sufficient wins between the two of them. Gender doesn't matter, as both male and female Gold Chocobos are equally capable of traveling anywhere.

Island Location

  • Once you have your Gold Chocobo, all you need to do is ride it to Round Island. Round Island isn't marked on the world map, meaning you have to physically find it in order to locate it. It's located in the northeastern corner of the map, almost directly north of Goblin Island. The easiest way to get there is to load your Gold Chocobo into the Highwind and fly to Goblin Island, then ride the Chocobo North to Round Island. The Chocobo can run across the ocean and over the mountain, giving you access to the cave that plays host to the Knights of the Round materia.

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