How to Initiate and Complete a Romance with Aerie in Baldur's Gate 2


The PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate is renowned for the in-depth interaction between all of its playable characters. Taking this interaction yet another step further, the main character is able to become romantically involved with certain other characters. The elf Aerie will eventually initiate a romance with you if your main character always acts in accordance with the principles of law and good, and is always nice to her during conversations.

Things You'll Need

  • Baldur's Gate 2 PC game
  • Start a new game and create a male character who is a human, elf or half-elf. If you start the game as a female character or choose any other race, Aerie will not initiate a romance with you.

  • Head to Waukeen's Promenade in the city of Athkatla and go inside the circus tent toward the center of the area, just north and slightly east of the caged-animals display.

  • Speak with the ogre chained in the tent, who will claim that an illusionist has changed her appearance and she is really an elf. Kill the people in the tent who are actually monsters and take their sword, which you will then use to free the ogre and break the illusion spell cast on her. The ogre will reveal herself to be Aerie and then offer to join the group.

  • Accept Aerie's offer so that she will become a playable character.

  • Travel through the city of Athkatla and the wilderness areas outside of the city, completing the various quests the game has to offer.

  • Refrain from going underground or into dungeon areas if at all possible. Eventually, Aerie will unexpectedly initiate dialog conversations with the main character, speaking about various issues from her past and things that are currently happening to the party.

  • Respond to Aerie's questions and statements in the most positive manner possible, and always agree with her or take her side in an argument. Aerie's conversations will then become more personal, and it will become apparent that a relationship is forming between her and the main character.

  • Complete the romance by either accepting or rejecting Aerie's advances when she offers to become sexually involved with the main character. The romance will end the next morning no matter which option is chosen, but Aerie will actually be more happy with the main character if you choose to reject her.

Tips & Warnings

  • Certain events in the romance with Aerie only take place at night, so if a long time has passed since Aerie last spoke to you about the romance, try resting and see if she initiates a conversation.
  • The length of time in between Aerie speaking to the main character again about their romance isn't affected by "in-game" time, so resting repeatedly to pass time will not speed up the romance.
  • Do not allow Aerie to die or be kicked out of the party once the romance has started, or it will be ended permanently.
  • Be sure not to commit any openly evil actions with Aerie in the party, or she will start to question your values and eventually leave the group, ending the romance.

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