How to Get Infinite Gold in Baldur's Gate 2


In the PC role playing game Baldur's Gate 2, the party of adventurers will frequently need more gold than they currently have in their possession. This nifty little trick will allow you to acquire more gold than you will ever be able to spend.

Things You'll Need

  • Baldur's Gate 2 PC game
  • Escape from the dungeon at the beginning of the game so the characters can move freely around the city of Athkatla. Make sure you either find a thief character to add to the party, or that the main character is himself a thief.

  • Find or buy multiple "Potions of Master Thievery."

  • Locate a merchant who will accept stolen items. Most of the merchants in the game will refuse to buy anything that has been acquired illegally, but a few have no such moral compunctions. The easiest ones to find are the shadow thief merchants in the Docks District or the merchant named Jayes in Waukeen's Promenade.

  • Quaff the potions so that the thief of the party has her "Pick Pockets" skill raised to 200 or higher.

  • Sell to the merchant an item that is worth a large amount of gold, then have the upgraded thief steal the item back again. Repeat this cycle over and over, selling and then stealing the item back again until you have as much gold as you need.

Tips & Warnings

  • The "Potions of Master Thievery" are scattered as treasure throughout various locations in the game, but can also be bought in Waukeen's Promenade from the merchant named Ribald, and in the Slums District from the merchant named Arledrian.
  • If you don't raise your thief's pickpocketing ability high enough, the merchant will know you are trying to steal from him and will attack the party.

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