How to Make Deer Proof Fencing for Orchard Trees


Deer are beautiful creatures, enjoyable to look at, but they can be very destructive when they find their way into gardens and orchards. To fence them out, make a strong, tall fence that is too high for deer to jump. It is difficult to find 8-foot-high deer fence, but you can make it yourself with two rows of 4-foot fencing. A shorter fence is unlikely to keep hungry deer out of your orchard.

Things You'll Need

  • Post-hole digger
  • 6 treated wooden posts, 12 feet long
  • Concrete, ready-mix
  • Level
  • Metal T-posts, 1 for every 10 feet of fence line
  • Sledgehammer or post-pounding tool
  • Fencing pliers with clipping feature
  • Fence staples
  • Hammer
  • Fence stretcher
  • Woven wire fencing, 4 feet tall
  • Wire gate, 8 feet tall, with hinges and latch
  • Fence clips for T-posts
  • Dig a 4-foot-deep hole at each corner of the orchard. Dig holes on each side of your gate opening. Set a wooden post in each hole.

  • Mix the concrete according to the package directions and fill around each post with it, up to the top of the hole. Use the level to make sure each post is vertical before the concrete sets. Wait at least 24 hours for the concrete to harden before proceeding.

  • Hammer in a T-post every 10 feet along all sides of the orchard, between the wooden posts. Make sure all the bumps on the metal posts face away from the garden. These will help to hold the fence in place when it is installed.

  • Set the roll of fencing next to one wooden gate post. Unroll the fence away from the intended opening, all the way to the first corner. Stand the fence up and attach it securely to the gate post using fence staples.

  • Connect the fence stretcher to the fence near the corner and anchor it to a tree or vehicle. Stretch the fence just past the corner post and use fence staples to fasten the fence to the post. Clip the fence to each T-post between the gate post and the corner post.

  • Unroll the fence until you reach the next corner post and repeat the process of stretching it and securing it to the wooden corner post and all of the T-posts in between. Repeat this process until you have gone completely around the garden and returned to the gate. Secure the fence to the second gate post and cut the wire.

  • Attach the fence to the first gate post again, this time just above the original fence. You will need someone to help you hold the wire up. Unroll the fence to the corner post, stand it up and stretch it, then attach it to the corner post above the first row. Clip it to each T-post in between. Your orchard fence is now 8 feet tall on one side. Repeat the process on all sides of the orchard, securing and cutting the fence when you reach the second gate post.

  • Hammer or screw the gate hinges to one post and set the gate on the hinges. Attach the latch to the other post to complete the installation of your deer-proof fencing.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you can't find an 8-foot-tall gate, you can make one by wiring or welding two 4-foot-tall gates together and using them as a single unit.
  • This fence will keep out virtually all deer, but it is possible that a deer may find a way in. Use deer repellent as a secondary measure to discourage deer if they continually try to get in.

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