How to Start With the Highest Seed Ranking Possible in "Final Fantasy 8"


In the Playstation role-playing game Final Fantasy 8, the party will have the chance to join the elite soldier unit called "Seed." The actions that you take before joining the organization will determine what rank you start out as in Seed. The higher your rank, the more the party will be paid, so you want to have as high a starting rank as possible. The first rank you are given can range from 1 to 10, and if you follow all of these steps, you will receive a "10" rank.

Things You'll Need

  • Final Fantasy 8 PS1 game
  • Playstation console
  • Choose the appropriate time length for your mission in Ifrit's Cave. When you enter the cave, your teacher will prompt you to select an amount of time you think it will take you to finish the mission. The less time that is remaining on the timer when you have beaten Ifrit in combat, the higher your ranking will be. The best bet is to choose "10 minutes" as you will probably be defeating Ifrit with less than half of a minute remaining on the timer.

  • Decline to show off Squall's gunblade weapon if any of the students at Balamb Garden ask to see it. If you show it to the students, one of the instructors will chastise the party and your seed rank will be reduced.

  • Defeat as many enemies as possible when the party attacks the city of Dollet. You will start with a much higher seek ranking if you kill 75 or more enemies during the mission.

  • Avoid ever fleeing from battle. The less you run away during combat, the higher your seed rank will be. When assaulting the city of Dollet, a huge robotic creature called "X-ATM092" will periodically jump from cliffs or building tops to attack the party. Unfortunately, he cannot be defeated, so eventually you will have to flee. While you cannot avoid him the first time, you can dodge him every other time if you are careful by watching for his movement.

  • Do not initiate conversation with anyone besides Seifer after Squall puts on his seed uniform and before the assault on Dollet. Every person you speak with from that point to the end of the Dollet mission will lower your seed ranking.

  • Refuse to jump down the cliff face at the end of the Dollet mission; instead, walk around the cliff. If you jump down the cliff ,your seed rank will be lowered.

  • Escape from Dollet as quickly as possible once the part receives the order to leave the area. Your seed rank will be much higher if there is 25 or more minutes remaining on the timer when you leave Dollet.

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