How to Make a Suit of Armor Out of Plastic


Plastic junk can be turned into a fantastic costume if you make a suit of armor out of it. They're great for Halloween or fantasy games. Use your creativity and simple steps that will have you ready to fight any imaginary dragon that comes your way.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic Pieces
  • Snips
  • Elastic Velcro Strips
  • Heavy Duty Craft Glue
  • Paint
  • Make the helmet. This is the most important part of the suit and can make or break your entire look, so choose your plastic pieces carefully. You’ll want a rounded part that fits over your head and face, like the back of a milk jug. The plastic should fit snugly on your head, or can be secured with Velcro strips and hang down over your entire face. Use your snips to create eye holes and, instead of a mouth, cut vertical slats about 1 inch apart for the grid that covers the lower face.

  • Create the breast and back plates. Here you need two pieces of plastic large enough to cover your shoulders to your waist on both your front and back. Plastic signs or pieces of plastic tables or chairs work well here. Cut the pieces in a rough triangular shape that is rounded at the ends and does not angle into deep points. The plates should hang down on either side of your body like those sign boards people wear on the street to sell you something. Place small strips of Velcro at the waist area.

  • Protect your shoulders. Find two slightly rounded pieces of plastic, perhaps from a large juice bottle, and cut them to act as shoulder cuffs. These will be glued onto the front and back plates to secure them at together. For greater flexibility, you can use small strips of elastic between the cuffs and the plates as a hinge.

  • Cover your private parts. Cut a triangular piece of plastic that will hang from your waist to cover your groin area. This piece can be secured to a belt, if you wear one under your armor, or again secured by a Velcro strip that fits around your waist.

  • Design the plates for your arms and legs. Gather four pieces of slightly curved plastic, like from a water bottle, and cut them so they fit nicely around your arms and legs. Two will cover your biceps, two will cover your forearms, two will cover your thighs and two will protect your shins. Pick your sizes accordingly but try to make each side symmetrical. Place two Velcro strips to the back of each plate so they can be secured around your arms and legs.

  • Paint it. Use a metallic paint to give the plastic armor the true armor effect. You can even mix and blend the metallic hues for a more interesting look than one bland color. You can find an interesting array of textured paints at many home or hardware stores that will really add pizzazz and hide the fact that your entire suit is made of plastic.

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