How to Throw a Fantasy Football Draft Party

Many times, the draft can be the most fun event of your fantasy football league. This is especially true if you're holding an in-person draft instead of an online draft. Throwing a party to kick off your fantasy football season is a great way to bring all of the owners together and just have a great time before the season starts.


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      Purchase football-related plates, cups and other decorations. Paper utensils, plates and cups that have a football theme can be found at any store that contains party planning merchandise. You could also hang team banners and flags in your room. This is an especially good idea if many of the owners cheer for the same football team.

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      Make sure you have enough room to seat all of the owners in one room. Remember that a fantasy football draft takes several hours, especially an in-person draft. Hold the draft in a big-enough room and place enough chairs in the room so the owners can kick back and relax during the draft.

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      Buy a big-enough board so that everybody can see which picks were made by the different owners. The easiest way to do this is to buy a dry erase board. The size of the board you buy is determined by how many owners are in the league and how many players are on each team. To be safe, buy a relatively large one. After all, you'd rather have too big a board than too small a board.

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      Schedule the draft on a day when there are plenty of sports on TV. This gives you and your fellow fantasy football owners something to do during the draft. You could throw your party on a day when preseason football is on TV. There is also plenty of baseball to be found during fantasy football draft season.

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      Stick to finger foods and beverages in cans or bottles during your fantasy football party. This helps make cleanup easier for you since it limits the use of plates and silverware. It also allows you and your fellow owners to enjoy food and drinks in the middle of the draft. It's easy to eat a slice of pizza, for example, while pondering your fifth round pick. Eating a salad or steak, though, is a bit more complicated to do and takes up more space.

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      Have your owners bring their own “cheat sheets,” magazines and other information necessary for a fantasy football draft. You will probably want to at least look at some of this information on your own before the draft begins. You should not, however, be responsible for supplying and helping out those who will be your rivals once the fantasy football league begins.

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