How to Create an Uncle Jessie Costume


Uncle Jessie, the character on "Full House" played by actor John Stamos, was the lovable rebel who dreamed of rock stardom and gave up his bachelorhood life to move in with his three nieces and brother-in-law after the death of his sister. The character then went on to marry and have two kids of his own by the time the show went off the air. However, he never lost his appeal and charm. You can fulfill that lifelong fantasy and be Uncle Jessie for the evening, whether it's for Halloween or that awesome eighties party.

  • Watch reruns of "Full House." This is the best way to study Uncle Jessie's look, attitude and sayings. All the members of the Tanner family had their own catch phrases. You'll notice Uncle Jessie says "Have mercy!" after he kisses a beautiful woman. He also does a lot of other things that you can use to help others instantly know you are Uncle Jessie.

  • Get the hair right. Uncle Jessie's pride and joy was his beautiful head of dark hair. Wear a black wig if your hair isn't naturally dark and flowing. Style with mousse and let it sit. You cannot play Uncle Jessie without a gorgeous mane.

  • Wear a casual shirt. Jessie wasn't one to dress up often. He played his music, dated Rebecca and worked in advertising in a stylish but low-key manner of dressing. Pick a fitted t-shirt with or without an unbuttoned long-sleeve collared shirt on top.

  • Wear a dark pleather jacket. There is no need to spend lots of money, but you need to get that biker look right. Uncle Jessie loved riding his motorcycle and was often seen in his jacket. You want to wear this for extra recognition as Uncle Jessie.

  • Wear some blue jeans. This was a main wardrobe staple of Uncle Jessie. Playing mom to three girls, paying attention to his wife and caring for his twin baby boys takes some hard work. He keeps it real and casual.

  • Wear stylish tennis shoes. While Uncle Jessie wasn't a stickler about his appearance--aside from the hair--he didn't just wear any old thing. Make sure your shoes look stylish and in keeping with the trends of the eighties.

  • Kiss your wife, girlfriend or other friend (with permission) and say "Have Mercy!" Uncle Jessie always did this, and it's important for him to do so on all occasions.

  • Grab a kid. This costume works well if you have a blond daughter. Call her Michelle, Stephanie or DJ. Have her call you Uncle Jessie for the night. This will be especially fun if your little girl is growing up on reruns of "Full House."

  • Impersonate Elvis Presley. This is something Uncle Jessie did often. While this may confuse some people as to who you are trying to be in costume, be quick to add in a "Have Mercy!" or other Jessie characteristic along with the Elvis fun. It's especially helpful to learn the lyrics to "Teddy Bear." Uncle Jessie always used that to get Michelle to sleep.

Tips & Warnings

  • Watch reruns of "Full House" for weeks in advance of costume time if possible.

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