How to Make Fake Bullets


Whether you’re dressing as a commando for Halloween or doing a presentation to promote gun safety, you might need to make your own fake bullets. Using standard household items and tools, you can make your own realistic ammunition to fool family and friends. Read on to learn how to make fake bullets.

Things You'll Need

  • Tin snips
  • Pliers
  • A soldering iron
  • Gold or silver spray paint
  • Sheet metal
  • Marbles or ball bearings
  • Sandpaper or a file
  • Decide which kind of bullets you’re going to recreate. Bullets for a cowboy’s six-shooter look a lot different from the kind used in anti-aircraft guns. Look in books about military equipment to determine what your fake bullets should look like.

  • Use tin snips to cut sheet metal into strips approximately 1 inch wide and 1 inch long. Lay a dowel or a pencil in the middle and use the pliers to make the sheet metal into a cylinder. The ends of the metal should be touching.

  • Cut some small circles out of the metal. These should be the same diameter as the fake bullets you are making so you can use them to make the rear end. If you want to go for a higher level of realism, make a small circle in the center of the circle. This resembles the place the hammer hits real bullets.

  • Allow the soldering iron to heat up and then draw a thin line of solder to seal the fake bullets together. Do the same to put the small metal disc on one end. Solder the marble to the other end to make the round front. If a marble is too big, you can use anything that is small enough and rounded to make the tip of your faux ammunition.

  • Use sandpaper or a file to smooth the surface of your fake bullets. There shouldn’t be any jutting edges or bulges from extra solder.

  • Bring your fake bullets outside and put them on a big sheet of newspaper. Spray paint your fake bullets with the metallic color of your choosing. Most bullets have a somewhat gold hue, but others are gray. Wait for the first coat to dry and then apply another. Be sure to roll the fake bullets between coats to cover all of their faces equally.

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