How to Get Squall's Ultimate Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII


In "Final Fantasy VIII," weapons can be refined and upgraded to create stronger weapons at any Junk Shop. While a useful tool for leveling up, the Junk Shop also proves to be the only place to get Squall's final weapon, the Lion Heart. Lion Heart is described in Weapons Monthly, 1st Issue, found in the Lunatic Pandora during the last Laguna dream sequence. However, you can craft Lion Heart without this magazine considerably earlier -- even before the end of the first disc. However, crafting Lion Heart requires some rare ingredients.

Things You'll Need

  • Adamantine (1)
  • Dragon Fangs (4)
  • Pulse Ammo (12)
  • 2,000 Gil
  • Obtain an Adamantine from an Adamantoise. Adamantoise are found on beaches around Dollet, on Long Horn island and in Ultimecia Castle. Adamantoise heal their group and use Blind, which can drag the fight on. Meltdown is useful for lowering their defenses, while Irvine's Armor Shot Limit Break ignores their armor. Quistis' Degenerator is the easiest way to destroy them, however. Only Adamantoise level 20 or higher drop Adamantine.

  • Obtain four Dragon Fangs. Dragon Fangs drop from four enemies: Blue Dragons, Grendels and T-Rexaurs.

    Blue Dragons are found on the Island Closest to Hell, Trabia Crater, Bika Snowfield, Hawkwind Plains, Winter Island, the Deep Sea Research Center and Ultimecia Castle. Blue Dragons are weak against Ice attacks and spells, and can be instantly killed by drawing Death from them, then casting it. Blue Dragons have a high drop rate for Dragon Fangs, and often drop the four you need to make Lion Heart.

    Grendels are found on the Island Closest to Hell, During the Garden Riot and in the forests near Timber. Grendel does high damage to a single target with its Tail Blade attack, so characters with a high Vitality stat are best suited to this fight. Grendels also have a high drop rate for Dragon Fangs, but only drop a maximum of two at a time.

    T-Rexaurs are encountered in the Balamb Garden training center, in the forest near the Fire Cavern on Balamb island or on the Island Closest to Hell. T-Rexaurs have a huge Strength stat and are very powerful against lower-level parties. However, T-Rexaur is weak against Ice and is susceptible to Sleep, Bind and Doom. Only level 20 through 29 T-Rexaurs drop Dragon Fangs, with a significantly smaller drop rate than Blue Dragons or Grendels. Howveer, they drop six Dragon Fangs at a time.

  • Obtain 12 Pulse Ammo. Pulse Ammo is found in numerous places and used to power Irvine's Hyper Shot Limit Break. The G-Soldier in Grease Monkey's House in Fishermans Horizon gives you five Pulse Ammo if you visit with Irvine alone. Otherwise, you have to refine Pulse Ammo from Laser Cannons, Energy Crystals or Power Generators at the Junk Shop.

    Laser Cannons refine into five Pulse Ammo and drop from Belhelmel, Elastoid and Mobile Type 8. They're also stolen from Elastoids and Mobile Type 8.

    Energy Crystals refine into 10 Pulse Ammo and drop from Behemoth, Elnoyle and Ruby Dragon. It can't be stolen from any enemy, however.

    Power Generators refine into 20 Pulse Ammo and can only be stolen from Blitz in Lunatic Pandora. Power Generators can't be found anywhere else.

  • Obtain 2,000 gil. Gil primarily comes from SeeD payments and selling off items, so your best bet is to sell whatever you don't need and hoard your SeeD payments. Refining items for resale can also be useful: for example, refining four Tents into a Mega-Potion will turn you a decent profit, as each Tent costs 1,000 gil but the Mega-Potion sells for 5,000 gil.

  • Take the ingredients to a Junk Shop and select Squall, followed by Lion Heart. Squall's current weapon remodels into the Lion Heart, granting you access to all of Squall's Limit Breaks.

Tips & Warnings

  • Obtaining the Lion Heart before the end of disc one requires patience and diligent farming. Obtaining Lion Heart this early will certainly help during your playthrough, but getting the materials is generally easier a little later in the game, when monsters are more liable to drop them and easier to kill.
  • Many of the materials that go into Lion Heart are also used for the ultimate weapons of other characters. Farming up a few extras might be handy if you want to outfit everyone as soon as possible.

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