How to Acquire Reis in "Final Fantasy Tactics"


A powerful spell caster who has been magically transformed into a holy dragon, Reis is an excellent addition to your party in Final Fantasy Tactics and is especially helpful if you are using other dragon units. To acquire her as a playable character you will have to go through a long side quest, finding new areas and battling many enemies.

  • Travel to the Machine City Goug after killing the Lucavi Demon named Adramelk to see a cut-scene with Mustadio's dad showing off a large metal relic he has excavated.

  • Leave Goug once the scene is finished and go to the Coal City Goland and listen to all the rumors at the bar until you hear a rumor about monstrous creatures in the mines.

  • Go from Goland to the city named Lesalia and again listen to the rumors at the bar. When you try to leave the city a Temple Knight named Beowulf will stop you and ask to come along. Accept his offer and return to Coal City Goland.

  • Battle the monsters in the mines of Goland until you reach the bottom and see a holy dragon being attacked by several creatures. Kill all of the monsters here to discover that the holy dragon is actually a woman named Reis whom Beowulf has been searching for. After the battle Reis will join the group as a guest, but is not yet a permanent member.

  • Walk back to Machine City Goug and watch another cut-scene involving the excavated relic. Leave Goug and go to the Trade City Zarghidas. While there, a girl will ask the party to buy some flowers. Choose the dialog option to buy the flowers from her, then go back to Goug yet again to see another cut-scene.

  • Head away from Goug and to the castle called Zeltennia. Listen to the rumors in the bar until you hear a rumor about a hidden temple on a cursed island. This will open up a new area on the map. Go to the new area labeled "Nelveska Temple."

  • Fight the robot at Nelveska Temple and then go back to Zeltennia Castle once the battle is over, where the party will use a Zodiac Stone to turn Reis into a human and she will then permanently join the group as a playable character.

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