How to Rent Out a Section 8 House

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Renting under Section 8

If you can't sell your home, or you want a rental property, consider renting your house under Section 8. This is a great program that provides adequate housing to lower-income families. The benefits are huge. And because the housing authority pays a portion of the rent, payments are practically guaranteed.


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      Become a Section 8 landlord. To rent your house under Section 8, you'll need to visit your local public housing authority and complete the necessary paperwork. The process is relatively simple. Provide information on your property such as size and monthly payment. The housing authority conducts a quick inspection. If the property is up to par, you can become a Section 8 landlord.

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      Make necessary improvements. The public housing authority doesn't approve every house. Occasionally, owners have to make minor or major improvements before their home can qualify as a Section 8 rental. This might include improving the electrical, plumbing or physical appearance.

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      List the property on the Section 8 website. Most local public housing authorities have a website that specifically list Section 8 properties. To find tenants, include your property on the list. Give detailed information about the home such as square footage, neighborhood and, if possible, include a photograph.

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      Feature an ad in the classified section. Another way to find Section 8 tenants is to list the property in the local real estate classifieds. Mention "renter's assistance only" in the classified ad. This indicates your desire to find a Section 8 tenant.

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      Create a rental agreement. The public housing authority can help you create a lease agreement. The agreement should feature a space to fill-in the tenant's portion of the rent payment, due date, length of lease and other terms.

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      Schedule an interview with potential tenants. You'll have the opportunity to interview each applicant before choosing a tenant.

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