How to patch a tire


Have a nail stuck through a tire and it is losing air? I will show you how easy it is to patch a car tire using a plug patch.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand tools, wrenches etc.
  • Jack or hoist to lift car
  • Tire dismounting tools
  • Patch plug
  • Vulcanizing glue
  • Patch Scuffer and roller
  • Remove the tire that has the air leak, mark where the air leak is.
    Dismount the tire from the rim so you can work on the inside of the tire.
    Look at the inside of the tire to locate the screw or nail.

  • Mark around the screw with something you can see, so that you will know where to make your repair.

  • Remove the screw or nail, mine was a phillips so I used a screwdriver and turned out the screw.

  • Using a buffing tool scuff the inside of the tire until it is smooth around the hole, make sure it is big enough that the patch will cover it.

  • Use the brush in the vulcanizing fluid and apply a thin layer sufficient to cover the patch area, but not enough to cause it to pool up. Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the fluid to dry (follow label directions).

  • Peel the protective cover off of the sticky side of the plug patch and prepare to insert it into the tire hole.

  • Using steady pressure push the pin of the plug patch through the hole in the tire. Line up the patch where you want it to be when it contacts the tire.

  • Using pliers to pull on the pin end while pushing on the patch end, do this until you feel the patch flatten out against the tire. The pin will pull off the pug when it is all the way through.

  • Use the patch roller to make sure the patch is stuck all the way down on the tire.

  • Mount and air up tire, balance before installing back on car. Cut off the excess plug that is sticking out through the hole.

Tips & Warnings

  • Patching tires works best if they are at room temperature or warmer
  • Use a solution of soap and water to find air leaks, watch for the bubbles!
  • Use jack stands or throw the spare under your car while it is up on a jack for additional safety, and work on flat stable ground.

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