How to Teach a Dog to Not Bite


To Discipline is to TEACH. (Please rate with stars above)

Things You'll Need

  • Patience
  • Understanding of the basic principles of canine psychology.
  • A good heart.

First of all, it is very important to keep in mind that a dog is not a human or a matter how human they may act (even more humane than most humans we know). There is an order to the animal kingdom and it is an order that when observed and respected, is easily cohabitable to our own lives.

When a dog of any age "mouths" (not biting) your hand, he is showing affection much the same way humans do when we hold hands and rub each others palms and fingers. Don't get bent about the whole mouth hand thing, simply use that opportunity to rub his teeth and gums with your fingers. This will assure him of an affectionate bond and remind him who cares for his health. REASON: Mother dogs do this with their pups as a part of their hygiene routine.

If the dog bites, you must let out a quick short yelp. A high pitch will indicate to him that he inflicted pain and startled you. Hurting you or your feelings is hard for him to bear. REASON: This is what a mother dog does when playing with her pups and she gets nipped or hurt by those sharp little teeth.

Grab him by the muzzle and blow in his nose while saying (not yelling), no. REASON: When a mother dog disciplines her pups, she snorts in the puppies muzzle, sometimes reinforcing that with a soft, short, low, deep sound.

Turn your back on him and fold your arms. Ignore him for 5 minutes and do not make eye contact. REASON: When your dog has lost your attention, he has lost 80% of your affection...this hurts their feelings and I have seen many dogs actually cry because they have felt a humans' pain, and ignoring them lets them know that they have breeched that unspoken contract of trust. Believe me, they will not forget hurting you and how.

After 5 minutes, reach out and pet him again. REASON: Dogs don't hold a grudge, they love unconditionally. From mother dogs to puppy interactions, they forgive with the grace Jesus tried to teach us. If you do not return to him, he will become desensitized to your feelings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never yell at a dog.
  • Never strike or raise your hand to a dog in anger.
  • There is fear and there is respect, fear is very lonely and respect is very loving, choose wisely for life.
  • Exceeding the time limit of 5 minutes will:
  • 1. Cause confusion in his mind.
  • 2. Cause him to feel emotionally distraught over what he did and he will seek a way to get his mind off of hurting you.
  • 3. Cause you to loose prime training time.

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