How to Become a Female Firefighter

Becoming a female firefighter is just like becoming a male firefighter. You need to be physically fit, be willing to put your life on the line and have the special training needed for this challenging career.


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      Understand the requirements for your municipality. Each state has unique requirements for their firefighters. For example, some states require that paid firefighters meet residential requirements before being hired. Physical fitness requirements may also be in place that you will need to meet. If you don't think that you can pass these physical fitness requirements, then work with a personal trainer to get your strength, flexibility and endurance up to the female standards for firefighters.

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      Take the Civil Services test. This exam is given several times a year. You will need to talk to your state's Department of Civil Services to find out when exams are given in your area and how to apply for this test.

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      Identify the fire station you want to work with. Talk with the hiring manager and complete pre-application tests, including an agility test.

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      Gain experience as a female firefighter by becoming a volunteer firefighter. This is one of the best ways to get the on-the-job training needed to become a paid firefighter, as well as a great way to get your foot in the door for paid firefighter positions at a specific station or district.

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      Apply for paid firefighting positions when they open. If hired, you will need to complete additional training and successfully complete your probationary period.

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