How to Create a New Forum in vBulletin


Created by Jelsoft Enterprises Limited, vBulletin is one of the Internet’s most used message board systems. Jelsoft has been producing Internet software for more than six years and boasts a three-hour average response time for customer support tickets. Even though the response time from Jelsoft is quick, vBulletin administrators can also find instructions and support online. If you are setting up vBulletin for the first time, read on to learn how to set up a new forum in vBulletin version 3.7.

Things You'll Need

  • VBulletin version 3.7 or higher
  • Administrator privileges to your vBulletin Forums
  • Launch your web browser and go to the vBulletin Admin Control Panel. Log in with your username and password.

  • Click on the “Forums and Moderators” link in the left-hand Control Panel menu. Select the option to “Add New Forum” from the drop-down list.

  • Choose one of the forums listed in the “Create Forum Based off of Forum” section if you would like to copy a forum that you have already created. If you are created either your first forum or a completely new forum, continue on through the steps.

  • Fill out all of the requested information in the Add New Forum section. In addition to the basic forum information, you can choose moderation, style, access and posting options as well as enabling or disabling certain custom features.

  • Verify that all of the information you have entered is correct and click on the “Save” button.

  • Click on the “Forum Permissions” link in the Forums & Moderators section of the Control Panel menu. Select the “Quick Forum Permissions Setup” link at the top. Choose your newly created forum from the list and then select the usergroups that you would like to have access to the forum

  • Add custom permissions by selecting Yes or No in the forum viewing, forum searching, post/thread, attachment and poll permissions sections located at the bottom of the page.

  • Confirm that your permissions are set properly and then click the “Save” button. You have now created a new forum in vBulletin version 3.7.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are creating several forums, using the first forum as a template and copying the permissions will save you a tremendous amount of time.
  • When you create a new restricted-access forum, you will want to confirm that the permissions are set properly so that your information is protected.
  • Photo Credit Melissa Hincha-Ownby
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