How to Feng Shui an Office

Feng shui is the ancient art of placing items in a particular manner to invite good energy (ch'i) by balancing the elements of wind and water. Here are some tips to creating feng shui tranquility in your office.


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      Take a good look at what can be considered by you or others as clutter, and get rid of it. You may need that stack of files handy, but put it out of eyesight. Create clean and clear surfaces in all areas of the room.Remove any dead or wilted plants, as well as any sharp-leaved plants or cactus plants. Place lush, bushy, round-leaved plants in the room in clay or other natural material pots.Remove any broken items from the room. as well as any items that have sharp corners or edges.

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      Place your desk so that it faces the door; this is to welcome the good energy as it enters the room. It is best to have a high-backed chair of natural material, and the desk should be wooden with rounded edges. Strive to keep your desktop as clear as possible at all times. Place three Chinese coins, wrapped and tied in a red ribbon bow, on your desk for good luck. Do not keep your trash can under your desk since this means anything on your desk is in your trash.

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      Balance colors; nothing should be bright and harsh (including the lighting). Colors should be of a deep, natural hue and texture. Use natural textures such as straw cloth, bamboo, suede, leather, glass, stone and wood in balance.

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      Add a water element. The gentle sounds of a small water fountain will bring tranquility into your office, relaxing you as you work.

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  • Redecorating your office to reflect feng shui principles is quite easy and will make it more welcoming to others and relaxing to yourself, and you may find yourself with less stress to face, just by making a few simple changes that others may not even notice.
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