How to Apply Makeup on Indian Women

Women of Indian decent have some of the most beautiful features. Their almond shaped eyes are gorgeous and they should be the main focus when applying makeup. Indian women like every ethnicity vary in skin tones, from olive to dark complexions and by choosing the right makeup color for your specific skin tone you can create an absolutely flawless look. Makeup should be used to enhance the natural beauty of a woman, but should not be overwhelming. Follow the simple steps below to create a flawless look fit for an Indian queen.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh clean skin
  • Skin primer
  • Lightweight moisturizer
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Bronzer
  • Eye shadow
  • Lip gloss
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
  • Lip brush
  • Very black mascara
  • Eye brow brush
  • Blush


    • 1

      Wash the skin thoroughly before applying makeup.

    • 2

      Apply a skin primer to clean skin. A primer protects the skin and helps create a more even application for foundation.

    • 3

      Apply a lightweight moisturizer for your skin type.

    • 4

      Choose a concealer with an olive or yellow undertone.

    • 5

      Apply concealer under the eye area and dab onto any imperfections or redness.

    • 6

      Choose the proper shade of foundation for your skin complexion.

    • 7

      Apply your foundation with a wedge sponge if you are using a liquid foundation. If you are using a mineral powder use a brush to apply the foundation evenly.

    • 8

      Brush the bronzer onto your face using firm even strokes.

    • 9

      Choose an eye shadow with golden or earth tones to brighten the eyes.

    • 10

      Line your eyes with black liquid eyeliner at the base of the lash—this really brings out those eyes.

    • 11

      Apply mascara from the outside of the lash first and work inwards to the base of the lash. Make several quick even strokes on each lash to achieve a full look. For a more dramatic look apply false lashes.

    • 12

      Brush the brows with a brow brush using firm upward and outward motions.

    • 13

      Apply a small amount of lip gloss—pink and neutrals are both good choices.

    • 14

      Line your lips with a nude or plum lip liner.

    • 15

      Use a lip brush to apply lipstick—this creates an illusion of fuller lips.

    • 16

      Reapply the lip gloss.

    • 17

      Apply a warm blush to the cheek bones and be sure to blend it just to the hairline.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid red and other dark colored lipsticks that tend to be harsh looking.
  • Do not use a foundation that is not suitable for your complexion.
  • Avoid applying too much makeup—this tends to look very pretentious.
  • Emphasize the eyes and create a soft look for the lips.
  • Never apply makeup without reading the ingredients list first.
  • Never share makeup with others.
  • Never purchase makeup that has been tampered with.
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