How to Say Kiss Kiss Hug Hug in Arabic

Endear yourself to someone Arabic by telling them, "Bousa bousa hodn hodn." That phrase means, "Kiss kiss, hug hug." I like to sign emails and letters with this phrase. It is always fun to find the sweet phrases when learning a new language. Since learning languages is much easier with a partner, learn Arabic with a beloved and send them letters with sweet phrases to make the learning so much easier.


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      Tell someone you miss them with the phrase, "Wahashtini." Hearing an "I missed you" always elicits joy. Make a friend's day and tell them how important they are to you.

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      Reward someone for helping you with the phrase, "A thousand thanks yous." It's "Alf shukr." Commenting on a friend's kind deed to you always makes them feel great.

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      Converse with a friend with a mellow air by using the following phrases: "How are you my friend?" "Kefik ya sadiqu?" "No problem." "Mish mooshkila" and "What's up?" "Shoofi mafi."

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      Tell someone you love them with the phrase, "Uhibbok" and wish them a good night and sweet dreams with "Laila saeda wa ahlaam ladida."

Tips & Warnings

  • Visit online language sites to practice learning a language.
  • Take inexpensive language courses at community colleges.
  • Learning languages is fun. Once you have learned one you will want to learn another.
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