How to Say Kiss Kiss Hug Hug in Arabic

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Endear yourself to someone Arabic by telling them, "Bousa bousa hodn hodn." That phrase means, "Kiss kiss, hug hug." I like to sign emails and letters with this phrase. It is always fun to find the sweet phrases when learning a new language. Since learning languages is much easier with a partner, learn Arabic with a beloved and send them letters with sweet phrases to make the learning so much easier.


  1. Tell someone you miss them with the phrase, "Wahashtini." Hearing an "I missed you" always elicits joy. Make a friend's day and tell them how important they are to you.

  2. Reward someone for helping you with the phrase, "A thousand thanks yous." It's "Alf shukr." Commenting on a friend's kind deed to you always makes them feel great.

  3. Converse with a friend with a mellow air by using the following phrases: "How are you my friend?" "Kefik ya sadiqu?" "No problem." "Mish mooshkila" and "What's up?" "Shoofi mafi."

  4. Tell someone you love them with the phrase, "Uhibbok" and wish them a good night and sweet dreams with "Laila saeda wa ahlaam ladida."

Tips & Warnings

  • Visit online language sites to practice learning a language.
  • Take inexpensive language courses at community colleges.
  • Learning languages is fun. Once you have learned one you will want to learn another.
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