How to Set Up for a DJ at a Wedding

A DJ is an important entertainer at the wedding reception. Help make the DJ experience an enjoyable one for the bridal couple, the wedding reception guests and the DJ by setting up for the DJ before he arrives. Setting up for a DJ requires solid and direct communication with both the reception hall and the DJ. Be clear about about what the DJ needs to make your wedding reception entertainment memorable.

Things You'll Need

  • Reception venue
  • DJ with professional equipment
  • Playlist and "Do Not" playlist
  • Schedule of wedding reception events


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      Ask the DJ how much equipment she will be bringing and how many outlets and plugs she will need. Find out how much room the DJ will need to set up the equipment. Remember to ask the DJ if she needs a table, any lights or any other equipment that the reception hall may be able to provide.

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      Visit the venue ahead of time to determine where the DJ will be set up for the wedding reception. If possible, have the reception hall set up a table and an area for the DJ. Plan ahead with the reception hall to have the DJ admitted to the hall one hour in advance to give the DJ time to set up before the bridal couple and the guests arrive.

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      Create a schedule of wedding reception events when you set up for the DJ. The exact order of the events will depend on how long you have the reception hall and your personal preferences. Start the wedding reception with an entrance song for the bride and groom. This song should be determined ahead of time and included in the set-up instructions for the DJ. Include other traditional reception events on the set up schedule for the Dj, including a blessing, cake cutting, toasting time, first dance, the father-and-daughter dance, tossing of the bouquet or a singles' dance.

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      Write out a complete playlist of songs in addition to the songs played during scheduled events. The playlist should be given to the DJ as a list of songs that must be played at the wedding reception. Set up for the DJ at a wedding reception should also include a list of songs that should not be played.

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      Communicate with the DJ about the type of attire you require at the wedding reception. Part of the set up could include providing the DJ with any theme attire and decorating the DJ area and table accordingly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Communicate all of your wedding reception needs to the DJ.
  • Act as the liaison between the DJ and the wedding reception venue.
  • Do not assume that the DJ knows what you want. Put it in writing.
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