How to Buy Sharks for a Home Aquarium


If you have a home aquarium, a shark can be an interesting and exciting addition to your tank. To buy a shark for your home aquarium, you will need to be very prepared, as a mistake could result in either the demise of your other fish or your new shark.

Things You'll Need

  • Fish supplier
  • Home aquarium
  • Assess your tank water. If you have a fresh-water tank, there a few small species of fish known as "sharks," which really aren't sharks at all. They look like sharks and may even swim like sharks, but real fresh-water sharks are not normally found at your local fish shop. These pseudo sharks are the most popular choice for home aquariums because they don't grow quite as large as real sharks. Saltwater sharks are difficult to care for and need tanks that are larger than your home will likely accommodate.

  • Gauge the size of the tank. Sharks can grow quite large and need plenty of room to swim and possibly burrow. Purchase a shark that will have at least 5 body lengths in room to swim when it is full grown. Your local fish dealer will know the full-grown size of the shark.

  • Determine the other types of fish that will be in the tank with the shark. Small fish could be eaten by your new pet shark, and fish that bite are not good tank companions for sharks. Fish suppliers will know what kinds of fish get along best with a particular species of shark.

  • Research fish suppliers. Some fish suppliers take better care of their stock and offer refunds if the shark dies within a certain time frame.

  • Do not choose large saltwater species of sharks. Even the smallest saltwater shark is too big for a home aquarium.

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