How to Use Excel's Hyperlink Function

The Internet is such a part of our lives, it's hard to imagine commerce without it. Software packages, such as spreadsheets and word processing programs, incorporate ways to link the content to active hypertext documents. One way this is accomplished is through Microsoft Excel's hyperlink formula.


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      Know what the hyperlink function does. Hyperlink creates a shortcut or jump that opens a document stored on your computer's hard drive, the Internet or on a network server.

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      Follow the syntax of the Hyperlink function, which is =HYPERLINK (link_location, friendly_name). The parameter link_location refers to the area where the document to which you wish to link is stored. Make sure you include the entire address including http:// when linking to the Internet, or the full path when linking to a document on a drive. The friendly_name parameter is optional. It tells Excel what text to display for the hyperlink. If friendly_name is blank, Excel displays the link itself. Enclose both the link_location and friendly_name parameters in quotation marks.

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      Use the Hyperlink function. If you want to link to a picture on your C: drive and make a hyperlink in Excel that displays, "Click here to see a picture of an elephant," then use the following formula. =HYPERLINK("c:\My Pictures\elephant.jpg", "Click here to see a picture of an elephant"). Don't put a period at the end of the equation. If you want to link to a website such as eHow, and you want the user to see the link address on which he's clicking, omit the friendly_name parameter like this: =HYPERLINK(""). Again, don't include a period at the end of the equation.

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