How to Get Into a Basic Boxing Stance


A well-executed basic boxing stance will allow you to stay balanced whether you are offensively attacking your opponent or protecting yourself from punches that are rapidly coming your way. Proper technique starts with the basic stance; the position is designed to allow for quick movements and to deliver effective punches.

Lower Body

  • The basic boxing stance starts with the position of your feet. Separate your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Step your dominant leg back by about 1 foot; turn the back foot out by 45 degrees and lift the heel off of the floor. The front foot should be turned toward the back foot at a 10 to 15 degree angle. Transfer your weight to the balls of your feet and slightly bend your knees. Keep your weight balanced equally between both feet; you should be able to easily move from this position at any time during the match. Left-handed fighters should step back with the left foot and turn the right (front) foot toward the left.

Upper Body

  • The upper and lower-body work together as one unit. Engage your abdominal muscles, slightly lift your chest and press the shoulder blades down your back. For right-handed fighters, rotate your upper body to the right, and align your shoulders with your hips. Bend your elbows and position your fists in front of your face; hug the elbows into the sides of your ribs. Place the left, or front, hand about 6 inches from your face. The right, or back, hand goes in front of your chin.

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