How to Download Ringtones to a Blackberry

One of the first things many new cell phone owners want to do is change the ringtone. BlackBerry phones offer the user many functions, including having customized ringtones. After learning how to charge your phone, then make and receive calls, take the BlackBerry to the next level and start downloading customized ringtones. Read on to learn how to download ringtones to a Blackberry.


    • 1

      Visit a website that has free downloadable ringtones such as CrackBerry. Any site that formats their ringtones in MP3 files work on all BlackBerry phones. Browse the available titles, listening to the samples, until you find one that you want.

    • 2

      Select the chosen ringtone and enter the email address that's linked to the BlackBerry. The website will automatically send a link via email to your phone.

    • 3

      Open the new email and scroll down to the hyperlink provided in the email. Click on the link, which opens a new Internet browser page on the phone.

    • 4

      Allow the browser page to load until a pop-up window appears. Save the ringtone to the phone. For BlackBerry phones with a memory card, choose to save the ringtone to the media card rather than the device memory.

    • 5

      Wait for the song to finish downloading and look for the confirmation screen verifying the download completion before exiting the browser page.

    • 6

      Repeat the process for each song you want to download. Remember that in addition to changing the default ring on a BlackBerry, you can set a different ringtone for specific users to create a unique ring that fits the caller perfectly.

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