How to Defeat Diablo in "Diablo II"


It's all in the name: Your journey in "Diablo II" finally takes you to the Chaos Sanctuary to face Al'Diabalos -- better known as Diablo. Ideally, a properly equipped character has maximum resistance to both fire and lightning, but even a glass cannon can take down the clawed beast. Make sure your character is at least level 40 for Normal, level 70 for Nightmare or level 80 for Hell difficulty with defensive gear, such as a shield, when possible.

  • Replenish your resources before passing the hidden stash in the Chaos Sanctuary. You're only a few steps away from engaging Diablo, and he will immediately attack you when in range. Wait for his pink lightning to pass you before crossing the bridge to meet your foe.

  • Run around Diablo whenever you're not in the middle of an attack. If you're a melee class, he'll keep shooting pink lightning where you stand. If you're ranged, he'll just charge in your direction. Either way, you don't want to be standing where he's looking.

  • Drink a Rejuvenation Potion if you don't have high damage resistance. This potion will instantly replenish your full health, so it's best to save it for the Fire Nova burn you suffer in close quarters.

  • Run to the side when you see Diablo's claws raise into the air; this is the signal for Firestorm, a cone-shaped magical attack. It's another high-damage attack you don't want to suffer, but you can avoid its path.

  • Attack with your physical weapon each time Diablo raises a single claw to attack. When he raises his claw, it's merely a melee attack that you can withstand. Melee classes don't really need to worry about using their weapon, but magic ranged classes may face some issues with their spells; this is because Diablo has considerable resistance to all forms of magic, so the reduced damage lengthens the fight.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although Diablo has 50 percent resistance to poison across all difficulties, every little bit of damage dealt helps win the battle.
  • Diablo, like any other SuperUnique, can be replaced with Uber Diablo; this version demands high physical resistance to survive his Armageddon attack.
  • On Hell difficulty, Diablo has 45 percent resistance to physical damage as well.

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