How to Throw a Lacrosse Ball


Throwing a lacrosse ball with a lacrosse stick is a necessary skill to master in the game of lacrosse. The defenders will gang up on you if you can't skillfully throw the ball to a teammate. Sometimes a shot is the best throw of the lacrosse ball if you're close enough to the goal.

Things You'll Need

  • Lacrosse ball
  • Lacrosse stick
  • Gain control of the ball in the netting of the lacrosse stick. Cradle the ball so that it rises up in the netting toward the top of the head. This will give you greater control of the ball.

  • Step toward where you’re throwing the ball. If it’s a teammate, step toward the player. If it’s the goal, step toward the defending goalie.

  • Begin whipping your top hand forward, snapping the lacrosse stick with it. The head should be traveling in a line toward the object of your throw.

  • Stop when the lacrosse stick is parallel to the ground. The stick should now be pointing at the object of your throw. If it’s a pass, the stick should be pointing at a teammate’s lacrosse stick head. If it’s a shot, the stick should be pointing at a part of the goal that the goalie is not blocking.

  • The ball is now thrown. Continue running so that you can get the ball back if your throw was a pass. Your teammate might want to throw the ball back to you.

Tips & Warnings

  • The best way is often the simplest. Pros sometimes get too fancy, which often lead to turnovers. Coaches often say, keep it simple and stick to the basics.
  • If you’re a defender with the ball, there might be times when you’re in danger of having a turnover and simply want to throw the ball down field, out of danger. This might result in a turnover, but it’s often better than turning the ball over near your own goal.
  • Proper netting in your lacrosse stick is essential to being able to accurately throw a lacrosse ball. If your head pocket is too deep, the ball could get hung up in the netting. If your pocket isn’t deep enough, the ball will fall out.

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