How to Scare Off an Intruder


The safest, most effective way of defending against an intruder is to scare him off before he gets inside your house. All it takes is an investment of time, and some money well spent, to protect your property and your life.

  • Install motion sensor security lights on all sides of your home. They’ll not only scare off an intruder, but also come in handy for you when you need to move around outside of your house at night.

  • Get an alarm system. They can run as high as several thousand dollars, but home alarm systems are also available for just a few of hundred. That means this important security measure is well within reach for most homeowners, and well worth the expense.

  • Mount security cameras on your roof, trained on your front porch and backyard. Make sure they’re visible enough for intruders to see them. If you cannot afford real security cameras, get a couple of dummies – they look like the real thing and most intruders will simply move on rather than inspect a camera for its authenticity.

  • Get a guard dog, or train the dog you already have. Every time you hear a strange noise that you cannot identify, ask your dog “What’s that?” then go look for the noise, asking your dog to follow. Create a routine, perhaps first listening at the front door, then at the front window and then the back door and at the back window, and so on until you’ve covered all your most vulnerable spots in the house. Repeat the same pattern every time, while asking the question, “What’s that?” Of course, guard dog training classes from a professional are ideal so, if that’s an option, go for it.

  • Turn lights on inside the house at night – two or three throughout so that all sections of the house have some sort of illumination.

  • Leave the TV on in the front room when you go to bed. Even if the sound is turned down low, or muted, the flashing lights reflected on the windows will give intruders the impression that you’re awake (and aware).

  • Hit the panic button on your car keys if an intruder is prowling around outside the house.

  • Invest in a shotgun and learn how to use it, although that’s not to say you’ll need to. The sound, alone, of you sliding a round into the chamber will probably be enough to scare off an intruder if he’s on the other side of the door.

Tips & Warnings

  • If an intruder is inside your house, listen, keep quiet and remain calm.
  • Always charge your cell phone by your bed at night. So if you hear an intruder inside your house, you’ll be able to call 911 immediately.
  • If you have a shotgun or other firearm, keep it in your bedroom (locked away from children’s reach, of course).
  • Install a heavy-duty lock on your bedroom door.
  • Follow the tips in “What To Do When An Intruder Breaks In” linked to below.

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