How to Revive a Dying Lawn


Few things are more frustrating than a stubborn lawn, a lawn that, when healthy, would look beautiful and majestic, a lawn that you could be proud of when entertaining guests, but refuses to grow or stay alive. Sometimes it can seem that there's just nothing you can do to get it going again. But one almost guaranteed way to turn your lawn green and vibrant again is to focus on all the elements important to a thriving lawn--water, fertilizer, soil and aeration. Read on to learn how to revive a dying lawn.

Things You'll Need

  • Hose
  • Tiller
  • Fertilizer/soil mixture
  • Gloves
  • Water the lawn thoroughly before proceeding. This will help loosen and soften the soil, which is critical. But you don't want to work with a lawn that's freshly wet so try to water it the night or morning before you starting trying to revive it.

  • Pour the soil and fertilizer mixture into a large tub. With gloves, break any and all large chunks up with your hands.

  • Use your hands to spread the mixture over the areas of the lawn that need to be revived. Shake thoroughly over the grass, making sure to break up any remaining chunks before moving on to other parts of the lawn.

  • Till all areas of the lawn that you've covered with fertilizer and soil. You will likely have to go over the same section multiple times in order to sufficiently turn the soil and mix in the fertilizer. Don't be afraid of tearing up or hurting the grass that's already there. Your main concern is the mixture.

  • Step back and survey the scene. If it looks like you've missed some areas go back and lay down more mixture, then till again.

  • Water thoroughly, making sure you cover not only the areas you've tilled but any and all areas of the lawn that are still healthy.

  • Continue to water approximately every two days until lawn is fully revived.

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