How to Identify When a Cat Is in Labor


Female cats can have a litter of kittens after two months of pregnancy. Two months after that they go into heat once again and, depending on if they are in a controlled environment or an outside cat, they could become pregnant rather quickly. Various signs will show that your cat has gone into labor. It's pretty simple to be able to tell when she is ready to deliver.

Things You'll Need

  • Cat
  • A private, quiet, and protective area
  • blankets or soft towels

Check the nipples. The mammary glands typically get large and express milk. If they aren't leaking you can slightly squeeze them in order to check if the nipples are producing milk.

Check the cat's temperature. The cat's temperature will drop to about 99 degrees.

Notice the cat's loss of appetite. She will not want to eat and some cats may even vomit. Check with your veterinarian if this goes on for more than two days.

Place soft towels or a blanket you don't mind throwing away later in an area that the cat tends to run to and hide. The female will find a place in the home that is comfortable and safe to her especially if she is not the only animal in the house. She will probably follow you around for awhile purring and meowing a lot. Outside cats will find a dark and hidden place to deliver.

Notice vaginal discharge. The cat will lick her genitals in order to keep the area clean for delivery. You will begin to see contractions and hear her moan a little as delivery begins. You will see a lot of discharge right before the kitten comes out.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to have a veterinarian on call in case of any complications with the delivery of kittens.
  • If the cat went through all of the steps but hasn't delivered any kittens then take her to the veterinarian or emergency clinic since she may be having complications.

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