How to Travel By Plane With a Pet Rabbit


Even the most relaxed rabbits can become extremely stressed when traveling, especially if they aren’t used to travel. If you plan to take your rabbit with you on a trip that includes a flight, you must be armed with the right information so you can make the trip as safe and as comfortable for your rabbit as possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Airline-approved carrier
  • Fresh hay and greens
  • Pellets
  • Water bottle
  • Simethicone (20 mg)
  • Syringe
  • Towel
  • Paper towels

If you’re going to be traveling for an extended period or if you’re moving, you’ll certainly want to travel with your rabbit, even if it’s by plane. However, if you’re only going away for a few days or a week, consider whether you really should bring your rabbit with you and subject her to the stress of airline travel.

Find an airline that allows rabbits in the cabin. There are airlines that allow pets, including rabbits, in the cargo, but it could prove to be an extremely stressful option for your rabbit.

Reserve your seat and your rabbit’s space plenty of time in advance as most airlines allow only one pet in the cabin per flight. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for your rabbit to fly, too.

Contact the airline to inquire about the carrier requirements, so you can purchase the correct carrier before you head to the airport. Also inquire as to whether the airline requires any health certificates for your rabbit before he can travel.

Pack plenty of supplies for your rabbit in both your carry-on luggage and your checked luggage, including hay, fresh greens, pellets, simethicone and a syringe. Make sure you give your rabbit water as soon as you land or before you board your next flight.

Prepare the carrier, by lining it with a fluffy towel or paper towels, that will soak up any urine. You should also put some hay in the carrier for your rabbit to munch on.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, keep a close eye on your rabbit for signs of stress or illness. If your rabbit isn’t eating or drinking, coax her to eat fresh greens or hay then take her to a rabbit-savvy vet at your destination as soon as possible.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your rabbit isn’t used to traveling, take frequent trips in the car to help prepare him for his upcoming plane ride.
  • Avoid having your rabbit travel in the cargo if you can. Traveling in the cargo can be extremely stressful and loud, even for the most relaxed of rabbits.
  • Always pack extra bunny supplies, including food, simethicone and a syringe in your carry-on bag just in case your luggage is lost.
  • If you’ll only be gone a short time, consider hiring a professional pet sitter, who has experience caring for bunnies, rather than subjecting your rabbit to stressful airline travel.
  • Before you make your trip, find bunny-savvy vets in your destination city or cities, so if your rabbit responds poorly to the travel and stops eating, you can take her to the vet as soon as possible.
  • Never allow your rabbit out of his carrier while you’re in flight. Wait until you have landed and have gotten off the plane to hold your rabbit and give him water.

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