How to Care For a Newborn Sick Puppy

Care For a Newborn Sick Puppy
Care For a Newborn Sick Puppy

Newborn pups are fragile when born healthy and viable. When you have a newly born pup that has health issues, providing immediate intervention is essential to giving him the best opportunity for survival.

Things You'll Need

  • a quality veterinarian
  • time to devote around-the-clock
  • a continuously warm, clean bed away from drafty areas
  • sterile cotton balls
  • puppy milk replacer or vet recommended supplement

Ocassionally, a mother will reject a pup. Often, it is the runt of the litter, however, it can be any one of her pups. If there is an unfortunate reason that a pup is orphaned or if he is obviously struggling at birth, you will need to spring into action quickly. Your best defense is a good offense. Prepare for the possibility of problems at birth in advance. This includes the very important step of preparing the mother for pregnancy and birth with excellent healthcare and nutrition. Also, there are many helpful books available to help guide you through the unpredictable. Your vet may have some literature that can give you some foresight in handling an emergency situation at birth. Keep a milk supplement ready during the last few days of your dog's pregnancy. This will keep you from spending precious time should you have a pup born in an emergency situation.

An ailing pup is extremely vulnerable so you must act quickly. The birth membrane must be removed. If the membrane has been removed by the mother, immediately begin by placing the pup in a quiet, clean, and warm environment. A clean towel warmed in the dryer is an excellent starting point. Pups have no fur to help warm and regulate their body temperature and doing so is an absolute must. This is even more crucial for sick puppies. While wrapped in a warm towel or blanket, very gently massage the pup to stimulate her.

Contact your veterinarian quickly and if at all possible, take the pup in for an expert examination and follow-up advice. If getting the pup to a vet right away is not an option, continue the warming process and keep her away from drafty windows, doors or vents. A room temperature of 80 to 85 degrees is a good start and can be adjusted according to your vet's advice.

Newborn puppies need to nurse as quickly as possible. For an ailing puppy, this can be another difficult hurdle.You should have a milk supplement on hand. However,if you find yourself in a truly extreme situation, you can use an eye dropper and a mixture of plain yogurt, evaporated milk, sterilized water, and an egg yolk. As little as one dropper of supplemented nutrition could make the difference for a struggling newborn pup.If your pup has health issues, you will need to act quickly to get a vet-approved formula that addresses both nutrition and any medical problems. After feeding, you must help the pup with urination and bowel movements by gently stimulating the genital region with a clean cotton ball and a small drop of baby oil.

An ailing puppy is a lot of work. You will likely need the help of other family members or friends. In order to have a viable chance, they will need around-the-clock care and keen attention to a clean, warm environment. Follow your vet's advice closely and your pup will have a much better chance to grow and thrive.

Tips & Warnings

  • Heating lamps can be a big help in regulating a warm temperature. Be cautious and do not place them too close to the pup's bed.
  • A heating pad can be a big help, especially at night. Be careful not wrap it in enough towels so that it doesn't over-heat the pup.
  • Wash your hands before handling the puppy.
  • Equal parts of Pedialyte and sterile water can be used as an emergency feeding.
  • Do not allow too many people to handle a sick puppy.
  • Watch puppy for excessive crying, shaking, or becoming lethargic.

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