How to Adopt a New Cat


Adopting a cat helps to reduce the population of unwanted animals and provides you with a loving companion. Before you adopt, research local rescues and animal shelters and look for leads through social media outlets.

Selecting the Right Cat

Before you start looking at cat adoption, take into consideration issues related to your lifestyle. For example, if you travel often or are frequently away from home, adopting two cats might be a good option, as they’ll keep each other company. If you have other pets in your household, you’ll want to make sure your new cat is a good fit. For example, a new kitten paired with mature cat who is set in her ways may require more acclimation than two cats of similar age and temperament. An older cat, or a kitty with health issues, will require extra time, attention and financial resources. If you have dogs, plan to take time to safely introduce the animals to ensure they can cohabitate peacefully.

Rescues and Shelters

Animal rescues and animal shelters have no shortage of cats available for adoption. If a cat was surrendered by a former owner, the agency may be able to tell you about the animal’s history, temperament and health. Cats that have been in a facility for awhile will be well-known by staffers, who can be good resources for information about the kitty’s disposition, whether it likes to snuggle or if it needs space and independence. If you’re looking for a specific breed of cat, consider breed-specific rescue groups or breeders and their related breed organizations.


  • Locate the animal rescues in your area through your local humane society or the ASPCA. Many organizations have pictures and animal profiles online that allow you to search for a new companion from the comfort of your home.

Friends and Social Media

Friends, colleagues, relatives and people you know through social media can all be good sources for finding a cat in need of adoption. Send out group email messages or post a query on social media to let people know what you’re looking for. If you get a referral from someone you don’t know, ask to meet with them in a public setting or take a trusted friend with you for an initial meeting. Always ask pertinent questions regarding the age of the cat, whether it is spayed or neutered and if it has behavioral or health issues. Also ask if vet records about vaccinations are available.


  • Use caution when replying to online ads offering pets for adoption. Never meet strangers alone and always let someone know where you’ll be and when you plan to return.

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