How to Make Fork Flower Crafts


How to Make Fork Flower Crafts. If you're running out of ideas to keep your kids entertained during weekends, summer or holiday vacations, try fork flower crafts. Armed only with a fork, yarn and scissors, your children and their friends will be able to make everything from jewelry and home accents to floral arrangements and gifts.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal fork with four prongs
  • Yarn
  • Child-proof scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Clear tape
  • Floral wire
  • Cut a 6-inch and a 18- to 24-inch piece of yarn for each fork flower, using the child-proof scissors. You'll need enough string for 4 flowers to create a bracelet, at least 8 for a necklace and 6 to 12 for a floral bouquet. 1 to 3 flowers are enough to accent a card, present or a home decoration.

  • Place the 6-inch string evenly between the two middle fork prongs, leaving 3 inches hanging on each side. Put the longer piece of yarn between the first and second prong leaving 3 inches hanging on the left side of the fork (or right side if your child is left-handed).

  • Weave the rest of the longer yarn over and under each prong. Wrap the string around the final prong and begin your next row of weaving. Repeat the process over again until the fork is nearly covered.

  • Take both ends of the 6-inch yarn and tie a lose knot over the weaving. Carefully ease the weaving off the fork before you tie the knot tighter to create the yarn flower.

  • Trim the two ends of the longer piece of yarn to about 1/2-inch. They'll blend into the "petals" of the flower. Leave the ends of the 6-inch piece alone for now. Once you make all the flowers for the jewelry, floral bouquet or accent, you'll use the ends of the longer string to finalize the craft.

  • Tie the ends of each flower together to make the jewelry. Keep the knots small and evenly spaced before trimming any loose ends. For accents, secure the ends of the flowers onto the card, gift or home decoration using invisible tape or by tying knots. With the floral arrangement, tie the yarn ends to the pipe cleaner and fasten them with floral wire for each flower.

Tips & Warnings

  • Jazz up your fork flower crafts with assorted color yarns.
  • As you or your children are weaving, push down each row to keep it from slipping off the fork.
  • Don't leave children under 6 unsupervised during this activity.
  • Don't substitute a plastic fork for metal. Plastic utensils will easily break.

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