How to Raise a Dogo Argentino


How to Raise a Dogo Argentino. Dogo Argentinos, or Dogos, are large dogs with a pit bull like appearance. They have a short white coat and are extremely active dogs who enjoy vigorous exercise, such as running. While it may seem that raising a Dogo is the same as raising any other dog, there are some things that must be done differently.

Get regular veterinary care for your Dogo. This is very important for any dog, but because of its size, a Dogo is more prone to joint problems. Regular check ups at the vet will help to lessen the chance of these problems. Make sure that you Dogo gets all of the shots it needs.

Feed your Dogo a premium dog food made for large breed dogs. This will help your Dogo to grow at an appropriate rate so that it can stay as healthy as possible. Over feeding your Dogo may cause it to gain weight too quickly and this can lead to health problems such as heart disease and obesity.

Teach your Dogo basic commands. Dogos are large dogs and any large dog can be dangerous if it isn't taught basic commands such as sit and come. Part of raising your Dogo is teaching it that you are the boss and teaching it to respect you as the alpha dog or leader of the pack.

Socialize your Dogo with other animals and people. Any dog who is under socialized may react in a negative manner when it is put around unfamiliar people or animals. This can become dangerous. A well socialized Dogo is calm when it is out in public.

Use a leash when you are out in public. You can use either a collar or harness on your Dogo. A harness may make it easier to control your Dogo if it pulls a lot.

Be a responsible pet owner. Dogos are active and like to jump, and they are powerful. Because of this, it is best to have a tall fence, at least 5 feet high, if your Dogo is kept outside. Dogos can break tie out chains so this method is usually unsafe.

Exercise with your Dogo. Dogos have a lot of energy, so you have to find ways for your Dogo to exert that energy. A bored dog with energy can be a destructive dog.

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