How to Safely Transport Your Guinea Pigs In the Car

Let's go for a ride
Let's go for a ride (Image: Image by Ewa Jarosiewicz)

Car travel is stressful for cavies or guinea pigs. When guinea pigs are stressed, they are more prone to getting sick. But there is no way you can avoid car travel for them if they need to see the vet, travel with you on short vacations or have to make an emergency relocation if your home needs to be evacuated. Therefore, if you need to travel with your guinea pig, make the experience as comfortable and safe as possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Guinea pig(s)
  • Apple or lettuce leaves
  • Usual cage (optional)
  • Smaller transport cage or carrier (optional)
  • Sturdy cardboard box without a lid, filled with juicy fruit or vegeatable, bedding and old towel (optional)
  • Human helper (optional)

Choose to use the guinea pig's usual cage (if it can be easily carried) or make a smaller transport cage. If using a cardboard box, it must be very thick to absorb some urine and water and it should not have a lid. You can't use a water bottle for that, so you need to offer water laden fruits or vegetables.

Gather together cage, bedding, old towel, juicy fruits or vegatables, water bottle and guinea pig.

Secure transport cage in the back seat or passenger seat. It is best to place the box on the seat and not the floor, if you can help it, due to car smells which may bother the guinea pig. Preferably, have a human friend sit in the back seat with the guinea pig and keep the cage steady.

Drape an old towel over the cage to create a hiding area and a bit of shade.

Make sure there isn't a cold draft going directly onto the guinea pigs, but keep good circulation.

When you get to your destination, the guinea pig cage must be taken out of the car and placed on a solid surface before you tend to yourself.

Tips & Warnings

  • If it's hot for you, it's hot for your guinea pigs. If it's cold for you, it's cold for your guinea pigs.
  • Guinea pigs can get motion sick. Try to keep the box or cage as steady as possible throughout the trip.
  • NEVER put your guinea pigs in the trunk or boot of your car. They will die.
  • If you do use a cardboard box, never tape the lid shut. They will die.
  • Never leave your guinea pigs unsupervised in your car. They may be stolen.

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