How to Make a Letter Head

Letterhead, whether business or personal, announces who you are. Next to establishing your corporate identity with a logo for your business cards and website, the creation of stellar letterhead can go a long ways to establishing you as a legitimate business. It can, as is stereotypically said, make or break you.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Internet Access
  1. Making You Letterhead

    • 1

      Access, if you do not have the know how to make your own letterhead. Here, you can find templates and tools to build your own letterhead. You can then have them print it for you, as well.

    • 2

      Use Adobe Illustrator in Adobe Creative Suite's. From the file menu you can bring down the templates section and access the templates.

    • 3

      Pick a pre-made letterhead template, a blank template, or build your own, making sure to make it the correct size.

    • 4

      Decide what information you want on your letterhead. Do you want it simple and generic, with just your logo and an address, or do you want to personalize it?

    • 5

      Practice on paper making a few design ideas, or rough drafts. This will save you a lot of time so you do not spend it building something that does not work.

    • 6

      Start building your final version with Adobe Illustrator.

    • 7

      Add an enlarged version of your logo in the center of the paper and wash it out, so it is more like a water mark.

    • 8

      Type your enlarged name in the top right corner with your contact information in the opposite corner at a smaller font size. Draw a line under them or add a corner brace border. At the very bottom, type your company's slogan or catch phrase.

    • 9

      Place your original logo in any of the four corners of the paper.

Tips & Warnings

  • The key to success here is trial and error. Try something different, other than the norm. As you practice placing your logo and information in various spots you will begin to see what you like and develop a very personal and unique letterhead.
  • If you do not have Adobe Illustrator, MS Word does have letterhead templates.
  • Make sure if you print your own letterhead that you have a good printer. If needed, go to a local print shop to have them print it from a file.
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