How to Get a Pet for your Sim in The Sims 2


There are several ways for your Sims to find a new furry friend. Some take more time than others, but all are very simple and can help you find just the right pet for your Sims.

Things You'll Need

  • The Sims 2
  • The Sims 2: Pets expansion
  • The Sims 2: Open for Business expansion (optional)
  • Consider your family's needs before you get a pet. Do your Sims even want a pet? There are some Sims (not many, but some) that don't like animals. There are also certain situations where, even with care and attention, your Sim and their new pet just won't get along. Make sure your perspective pet compliments your Sim's personality.

  • Go downtown to the pet store. You'll need the Open for Business expansion for this one. Each downtown has a pet store where you can purchase pets. You can also make your own pet store and buy a pet from yourself. This option works best for Sims with money.

  • Wait for an animal to show up, then befriend it. Pets are just like furry Sims; they respond positively to friendly behavior and negatively to hostile behavior. Chasing an animal around your yard will not convince it to stay, but greeting it, playing with it and petting it may persuade it to stick around. This is the perfect option for Sims who aren't picky about what pet they want (most Sims aren't) and are short on money.

  • Call the Pet Adoption Service. This can be found in the Call, Service menu when your Sim uses the phone. The Adoption service will help you find the right pet for you and typically doesn't cost as much as the store. It also saves your Sim a trip downtown, which can be handy if your Sim is antisocial.

  • Make a furry friend. Pets can be created along with the rest of your Sims when you first create the family. Like befriending an animal that passes by, this option costs your family nothing. This also ensures you get the perfect pet for your family.

  • Buy a smaller pet. If your Sim won't enjoy a dog or cat, there are other pets available. Hamsters, birds, fish and Womrats can all be purchased through the Buy menu, and are much lower-maintenance than dogs and cats.

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