How to Throw a Hammer in Ultimate Frisbee


At first, making a running catch on a Frisbee seemed impossible. The slow arch and bend in the flight path was tough to follow. But now you're used to it, even able to bend passes to others. It's time to further develop your game by learning the hammer. Thrown overhand and end-over-end, this toss is like nothing else in the game.

  • Pinch the curled lip of the Frisbee between your thumb, index and middle finger. Place your thumb inside the ring on the top side of the Frisbee. Push the lip of the Frisbee deep into the web space between your thumb and the rest of your hand.

  • Stack your pinky finger next to your ring finger. Push your ring finger into the outside edge of the Frisbee so that it pinches the lip against your middle finger. Clamp down with all fingers for a firm grip.

  • Square your hips at the target with a staggered stance. Your throwing-side foot should be slightly behind your body and your non-throwing foot should be out in front of your body.

  • Turn you hips to align your shoulders at the target while raising your throwing hand behind you in a backwards L shape, making a 90-degree bend at the elbow. Simultaneously raise your non-throwing hand to point at the target in order to stay on line throughout the toss. Cock your wrist back as you reach the peak of the backwards L, pointing your thumb behind you.

  • Step forward a bit with your lead leg and throw the Frisbee overhand. Snap your wrist forward at the release, rolling the lip of the Frisbee off your index and middle fingers and following through up above your target. Aim a few feet to the non-throwing arm side of your target because the Frisbee tends to bend back toward your throwing arm side during flight.

Tips & Warnings

  • Throw a hammer to get up above a defender right in front of you or to thread the needle, passing the Frisbee straight down a hallway of defenders.
  • Overhead throwing can cause strain on your shoulder and elbow. If you experience any discomfort or pain, stop throwing, rest for a day or two and then come back to it to see how you feel.

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