How to Become a Business Tycoon in The Sims 2


Becoming a Business Tycoon is something a lot of Sims can do. It's easier than some other careers, requires less time to rise to the top, and it pays quite well. Here's what you need to do to get your Sim to the top of the corporate ladder.

  • Create a Sim or get the Business career for a Sim you already have. Most any Sim will be happy in this career, but Business is best-suited to Fortune-aspiration Sims and those who don't mind waking up in the morning.

  • Get the Business career. You can do this either by checking online, reading the newspaper or cheating. Any way will work, and Business is usually one of the first career options to come up on a job search.

  • Make eight friends. Every career requires you to make friends. After all, part of advancing in a career is knowing the right people. For the Business career, eight friends is all you need to get to the top.

  • Play Chess a lot. While you may not need to max any Skill to reach Business Tycoon, you do need to have nine Logic points. One of the best ways to get Logic points and keep friendships going is by inviting a friend over and playing chess with them.

  • Work on your Charisma. Right behind Logic, Charisma is the most important thing for your Business Sim. You'll need to get them eight points in Charisma to get them to the top. Practicing their speech in the mirror is the simplest way (apart from cheating) to get them that special way with other Sims.

  • Do something creative. Your Sim will need seven Creativity points to reach the top, and if they are a Knowledge or Fortune Sim, they will probably want to have some musical instruments or an easel around anyway. Put them to good use.

  • Put them on a morning schedule. This is a cinch for most Sims since most of them tend to have a "normal" routine of working during the day and sleeping at night. If your Sim does not keep this routine (perhaps if they just came off a night job) then you'll need to do some adjusting to get them ready for work in the morning. Be aware this may slow advancement a little.

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