How to Find Every Bottle in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"


Empty bottles are one of the most valuable items in the Zelda games, allowing you to carry potions, fairies and quest items. "Ocarina of Time" on the 3DS, Nintendo 64 or Virtual Console has a total of four bottles available, three of which you find as young Link, and one as an adult. One of young Link's bottles plays a role in the story and can't be missed, but you can collect the others in any order.

The Cucco Game

  • Head inside the first building on your left after entering Lon Lon Ranch to meet Talon and play a minigame: Pick out three particular Cuccos from the other indistinguishable birds in the room within 30 seconds. You don't need skill to win the game -- just grab Cuccos as fast as you can until you find the right ones. If you have bad luck, tip the odds in your favor by throwing all the Cuccos in the room behind the desk before starting the game, making the target birds stand out.

Cuccos in Kakariko

  • Earn a bottle from Anju near the graveyard in Kakariko Village by gathering seven Cuccos from around town. Three birds sit in plain sight along the pathways, while one more hides in a box at the base of a staircase. The fifth Cucco is on a ledge next to the Skulltula house. Either fly to it by holding another Cucco and jumping from a roof, or shoot the bird and chase it after it leaves the ledge. The last two Cuccos are in a walled-in area on the east side of the village. To reach it, hold a Cucco and jump from the ledge on the eastern wall into the elevated fenced area in front of you.

Letter in a Bottle

  • You can't miss the third bottle, which you find floating in Lake Hylia after reaching the lake through the underwater passage from Zora's Domain. The bottle contains a message for King Zora, and after you hand over the note during the course of the story, you get to keep the empty bottle.

Big Poe Hunt

  • For your last bottle, hunt down the 10 Big Poes, which only appear while riding Epona around Hyrule Field as adult Link. Shoot each down with your bow, collect it in an empty bottle and bring it to the Ghost Hunter in Hyrule Castle Town. Ride around all of the field's roadways and check near the entrances of Kakariko, Gerudo Valley and Lon Lon Ranch to find eight Big Poes. The remaining two hide off the main path. To find the first, head west from Hyrule Castle's entrance along the stream. The other lives in the southeast quadrant of the field, near a boulder in a patch of trees. If a Big Poe vanishes before you defeat it, leave the area and return to spawn it again.

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