How to Choose the Best Chew Toys for a Teething Puppy


Your puppy might be high on the scale of the cutest thing ever, but he can unleash a terror on your shoes that you never imagined possible. A puppy isn't terribly discerning when it comes to chewing, and once he begins to teethe around 12 weeks of age, his need to chew will become fierce.

Safety First

If your puppy is teething, he may be content to chew whatever he can find. While providing proper and soothing toys is of high priority, puppy proofing your home is of equal or greater importance. Some hazards are obvious, such as electrical cords, which can cause serious injury to your puppy if chewed. Some are less obvious, such as poisonous plants, which can pose extreme danger if ingested.


  • Remove anything that presents a choking hazard. No one raises a puppy in a padded room, so some risk is always present, but it's best to use common sense, and never leave your puppy unattended or in a crate with anything that poses a choking risk.

Choosing Toys

Your puppy already may have his favorite toys, so try freezing your pup's toys to sooth his painful gums. Hard rubber toys work well for teething, but be mindful if the toys break. Loose pieces can cause severe intestinal damage if swallowed. Twisted rope toys can be frozen to help relieve teething pain, but make sure the knots remain in tact, and your pup isn't eating the threads.


  • Rotate your pups toys frequently to keep your puppy interested. Distraction can help a teething puppy. Treat-filled toys can keep your puppy busy as he eases his way through his teething phase.

Naturally Soothing

The answer to your puppy's teething woes may lie inside your freezer. Ice cubes can keep your puppy hydrated and help his swollen and painful gums, and if he's messy, it's only water. Placing several ice cubes in your pup's bowl can keep him busy and the frozen treat will help ease his discomfort.

Healthy and Soothing

Healthy snacks can keep your puppy well-fed. If you pop them in the freezer, you can substitute frozen, dog-friendly fruits or chunks of vegetables for the soothing comfort of an ice cube.

Your puppy might enjoy these healthy treats:

  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Bananas
  • Green beans
  • Carrots
  • Zucchini

Keep a watchful eye on your puppy while he snacks on these healthy treats to make sure he's chewing them properly, and to avoid any possibility of choking. Your puppy can emerge from his teething phase as a healthier and happier young canine.

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