How to Select a Fresh Star Fruit


Star fruits are tropical fruits named for the star shape they have when sliced. The flavor is a cross between a green grape and a melon, with a texture closer to a grape. These fruits are grown in Asia, South America, Australia, and in Florida and Hawaii. These fruits contain only 30 calories and are filled with vitamins. They make a great snack. Although they are widely available year-round many people have never tried a starfruit, perhaps because it is difficult to know what to look for in a ripe fruit. These guidelines will help consumers choose the healthiest, freshest star fruits available.

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How to select a fresh star fruit

  • Choose a fruit that is yellow. Green star fruits are not apt to ripen. If you do purchase a green star fruit, you can ripen it by letting it set for a few days on your countertop. Most star fruits come wrapped in small plastic bags. The fruit can be kept in the bag while ripening.

  • Make sure the fruit has a waxy sheen and isn't dull in color.

  • Choose a star fruit that is free from bruises. Some blemishes are fine as long as they do not interfere with the texture of the fruit.

  • The ribs of the star fruit will be brown when the fruit is ripe. This may look unappetizing, but is part of the ripening process. If this coloration is too dark, it can be removed when the fruit is sliced.

Tips & Warnings

  • For greatest appeal, slice the star fruit thinly so the star shape is visible. The seeds are generally not edible, but if sliced thinly they can be ingested.

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