How to Treat Third Degree Burns


Getting a slight burn from the stove or other hot appliances can be a common occurrence and easily treated. However, getting third degree burns are much more serious and can be harder to treat if you don’t know the proper way to do so.

Things You'll Need

  • Cold cloth
  • Gauze

How to Treat Third Degree Burns

  • Call 911. Third degree burns are the most serious of burns and require immediate treatment. The best help in treating a third degree burn is by contacting emergency services immediately.

  • Immerse the burned area in cold water. Although you don’t want to use ice, apply cold water or cold cloths briefly to the burn to cool the tissues. But remove the cold water before the rest of the body cools too much.

  • Wrap the burn. Loosely wrap the burned area in a in a clean sheet if the burned area is extensive. If the burned area is smaller, apply dry, loose bandages such as a pillowcase or gauze.

  • Keep the burn raised. If the burn victim feels no pain, elevate the burned area above the heart to keep blood from rushing to the area. If the burn is on the face or neck, keep the head and shoulders raised.

  • Provide fluids. If the person is awake and alert, give small sips of water or a clear to juice to the victim.

  • Get a skin graft. After the burn has been treated, a scar will be left in the burned area. Getting a skin graft will treat the third degree burn by covering the scar on the victim.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the burn clean while waiting or emergency help to arrive.

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