How to Tell the Sex of a Ferret

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You've decided you want a ferret, but you don't know if you want a girl or boy. What's even more confusing is knowing how to tell the difference between the two. Sexing ferrets is pretty easy. The following steps should assist you in checking the sex of your ferret.

Hold the ferret securely either in your hand or against your body.

To see if your ferret is a male, look at the belly between the anus and the ribcage. Males have what looks like a bellybutton, but it is really a penis.

To see if your ferret is a girl, look closely for a vulval opening near the anus.

If you have trouble determining one sex from the other, wait until the ferret has a bathroom call. Ferrets urinate and defecate at the same time, so you will have to look at the pile to help determine the sex.

If the urine and feces are in the same pile, your ferret is most likely a girl.

If the urine is a few inches away from the feces, your ferret is most likely a boy.

If you still cannot tell the difference between the genders, call an expert to help make your choice.

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