How to Make an Effective Missing Pet Poster


One of the most agonizing moments a pet lover can experience is discovering their beloved companion is lost. Taking action quickly can make the difference between finding your lost pet and losing him forever. Lost pet posters are an effective way of letting others know your pet is missing. Creating an effective poster gives you a good shot at being reunited with your best friend.

Getting Proper Attention

The Missing Pet Partnership offers advice for owners who've lost their pet. By applying their 5+5+55 rule, you can increase your chances of finding your missing companion. On any typical road or intersection, you have only moments, 5 seconds in fact, to reach your target audience, which is anyone who might have seen your pet. Motorists may be traveling 55 mph along busy streets, so you need to use five effective words to get their attention. "My Cat Fluffy Is Lost," might not do it, but "Lost Siamese Lynx Cat, Reward," might command a glance at your poster. The world is full of animal lovers, and helping you find your pet leaves someone with a feeling of doing good.

Effective Design

A small poster with tiny letters made with a thin marker might not get anyone's attention, even if the passerby is on foot. Consider a poster on fluorescent poster board that will withstand the elements better than paper, and make the letters large. If you're using a computer, use the largest font you can. You want people to be able to read your poster from a distance. The word, "reward," will garner attention, as will a photo of your pet. Include a photo that gives the viewer the best possible visual of what your pet looks like. Your pet's eyes should be open. If your pet was wearing a collar, tags, or might be dragging a leash, add that information to the poster. Make sure you indicate the last place your pet was seen, and include your name and cellphone number, all in large, bold letters. If your pet is a large Siamese cat, make sure those words are at the top and bottom of your poster. Always add the breed of your pet so the viewer knows what to look for.

What Not to Say

More information might seem like the best option, but there are a few things you shouldn't say. Don't list your home address or your last name. No one needs to know that. Don't list everything about your pet. For instance, if your Siamese lynx has a striped tail, but the tip is black, don't reveal that information about the tip of his tail. Leaving at least one of your pet's identifying features off your posters will help you determine if a caller has your pet.

Minimized for Circulation

Once you've designed your poster, create a smaller flier as a handout. This may be as easy as taking a photo of your poster, sending it to yourself via email, and creating a flier from the photo. If you can't do that, take your poster to an office supply store. They can create your flier, and if you tell them your story, they might even bump you to the front of the line.

Putting Them to Use

Once you have your posters, get them out there. A pet can cover an amazing amount of territory in a short time, especially if they're frightened and disoriented, so time is of the essence. Place your posters first in the area where your pet was last seen, and expand from there. Secure them properly. Take fliers to neighbors, to your local humane society, animal shelter and rescue organizations. Share them with every veterinarian in your area and leave some with your groomer. Pet people are often the first to notice missing pets. Don't forget to add local businesses to your list of stops. Their doors open and close frequently, and your pet may be seeking sanctuary, especially in inclement weather. Keep your cellphone charged, and keep the volume up. If you get a call, you may need to act fast to be reunited with your missing pet. Don't lose hope, and don't stop looking.

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